I’m sure I’ve introduced you (my followers) to this character, but I’m not sure if I actually talked about her. I’ve had her for a while now. Her name is Aurum (Rummy). She’s a sort of underwater creature/alien with mad muscles and a pretty comfortable and quiet atmosphere about her. Shy but friendly.

She has two psychic sensory/transmission horn-looking things; she sees/smells/communicates with them. Despite their psychic properties, the horns do not have a 6th sense.
Another thing she has is a mouth that others mistake for a closed eye. It behaves and moves like a normal mouth, other than the teeth and tongue. The black “lashes” are her teeth that pierce and “disintegrate” food, and there is a white. long, and thick, forked tongue that secretes a poison that can kill prey in less than five minutes. Making out with her is highly inadvisable…

She also has cute ear-fins and gills!